Zumbini is a 45 minute, early childhood education, music and movement class for children and their caregiver(s): Daddy, Mommy, Grandparents, &  Nanny. We will SING, DANCE, & PLAY with instruments, but most importantly, you will BOND with your child!

Zumbini instructor Linsey Vanderlinden

Linsey has a musical background of 19 years with an emphasis in piano. She has been teaching piano to children of various ages and levels for seven years. This is her first year as a Zumbini instructor.

She has been an active member of the American College of Musicians and National Guild of Piano Teachers for three years and also has an Associates of Teaching in Elementary Education. 

Linsey has a passion for music, children, and teaching. She emulates this in her teaching style and aspires to help children develop their own love, passion, and talent for music