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Jiu Jitsu

The LAB offers jiu jitsu for all ages. From the first class, the focus is to teach the student respect, discipline, self esteem and confidence. The LAB identifies each individuals strengths and weaknesses and works to bring out their best. Parents are encouraged to participate by observing and sharing any concerns or problems the student may be experiencing in their lives outside of the classes. The LAB strives to become a team with the families and to enhance each members experience.


The LAB offers a free style form of Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Focusing on building respect, discipline and self-control, all ages are encouraged to practice self-defense by being alert and having the tools to avoid a situation if possible. The LAB strives to work with each member of the family to advance the overall growth of each student, in class, school and in their everyday life.

Before and After School Programs

You’ve got your own schedule—We get it. The LAB offers a safe and supervised environment for students who need to be dropped off before and picked up after regular school hours. They will take part in structured classes, be provided time to work on home work and of course have FUN!

**Before care opens for drop offs at 6 am and students will be transported to school**

**After care ends at 6 pm pick up from the studio unless student is enrolled in another evening program**

Day Camps

Whether School is closed, or they just have the day off, The Lab has you covered! During these days, we offer a place for your children to spend time learning various martial arts. Focusing on technique development, they will learn, grow, and have a great time doing it. This is a great opportunity for existing students to expedite their class progression and a fun way for non-members to be introduced to a host of new martial arts and fun games.

**Day Camps operate during school closings and scheduled breaks such as summer, holidays and other scheduled free time**

**Request a full schedule of camps by contacting us at 443-336-3218 or by emailing us as info@thelabeaston.com**

Parents Night Out

Information coming soon!


The Lab offers Folk style/Collegiate wrestling during the off season. Combining strength and endurance training with self defense, controlling and offensive maneuvers, the student will benefit and progress during the months when the school is not offering the training. No matter what your body type-weight or height-there is a place in wrestling for everyone.

“You become a good wrestler during the season but when you wrestle year round you become a champion”


Zumbini is a 45 minute, early childhood education, music and movement class for children and their caregiver(s):  Daddy, Mommy, Grandparents, &  Nanny. We will SING, DANCE, & PLAY with instruments, but most importantly, you will BOND with your child!

Muay Thai

Information coming soon!